Songs are Predictable- This is Key for every advanced Musician!

Hey fans, my name is Brian Horton and it is good to be here with you to share some great piano tips.  I am a huge fan of good music and because I am a musician, I love many genres of music, but I absolutely love neo soul and gospel jazz.  Many people haven't heard of gospel jazz before, but it is exactly what it sounds like.  A little bit of gospel mixed with a bit of jazz. The type of music that I demonstrate in my new ebook "Horton's Ways Around the Piano Keys" fits all genre of music.  I walk beginners through the entire process which includes the letters of the piano & to how to identify those letters.  I teach intermediate students how to build progressions along with tons of other things, while I show advanced students an easy way to form complex chords and how to memorize them while playing.  This book includes all learning levels.  I have been playing the piano for about 17 years and I absolutely love helping those who are starving for musical knowledge.  I hope to create a video later this year to give a visual aid for those who desire.  Don't worry, I'll keep you posted.
DID YOU KNOW....Beginners & Intermediate:  Why do most advanced musicians pick up on music that they've never heard before within seconds?
ANSWER: Most advanced musicians understand that chords and progressions are recycled regardless of genre.  We listen to the music and understand that once a chord is played in a song, 9 times out of 10, there is only 2-3 chords that will be played afterwards.  Have you ever listened to a song and right before that last chord is played while ending the song, you know how it should sound?  That is because, music is predictable and chords, and progressions are recycled.  Almost all songs end of the same chord is started with.  In my book, I go into more detail.  Once you master this predictability concept, your eyes will begin to open, next thing you know, your music playing will advance.  Hey fans, I hope this helps.
Look out for more (DID YOU KNOW) next week.