Playing by Ear or Sheet Music

Learning how to play your favorite song is a wonderful feeling.  I was first introduced to the piano when I was 5 years old.  My father and his brother would sit down at the piano together, my dad playing the bass keys, and my uncle playing the treble.  I sat back in amazement wondering how are they doing that?  Shockingly, I didn't touch the piano until the 11th grade in high school during a music appreciation class.  I advanced very quickly, learning about the treble and bass clef staff, whole and half notes, etc. 

About a year later, I began to attend church and found myself very focused on the band, particularly the piano and organ player.  After service, I asked if I could sit in on future rehearsals and soon discovered that the band was learning new songs not by sheet music but by listening to CDs.  I was highly impressed because I only thought music was learned by sheet music.  I thought to myself, how are they doing this?  I shortly discovered on my own how to listen to any song on the radio, and play it within a matter of seconds. 

At this time, knowing how to play the piano by sheet-music and by ear, I definitely choose playing by ear.  Most people that I run into ask how is it possible?  All those years of wondering "How do others do it", I am now asked that same question.  I LOVE IT!  I absolutely love the fact that I can play any song that I choose to, just by listening to it.  No difficult sheet music to play; which limits me to only play how the composer tells me to.  In my book; Horton's Ways Around the Piano Keys, I show you the true fundamentals of how to play the piano, not just memorizing a few chords and songs.  Anyone can learn music if you are told to only play specific notes and chords.  I go a bit deeper.  I show you chords, and I tell you why these chords are used.  That way, you can form your own chords and play your own music freely; not robotically like sheet music.  Don't get me wrong, sheet music is a good method of learning, but it doesn't allow you to learn how to play your own music, or music on the radio. 

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