What are tritones chords, and how do you form it. When do you use the tritone chords? A dominant 7th chord is characterised by the tension set up in the tritone interval between the 3rd and the 7th, which usually has a tendency to the root and 3rd of the tonic. Adding tritones to your music will most definetely add flavor. It is common to have a major chord in your right hand and the tritone in your left hand, however; you can play the major chord in your left hand and the tritone in your right. Ex.

Eb major chord in your right hand, and a G,Db in your left hand. This is a perfect tritone. The tritone in this example is the G,Db. Transpose this example in other keys and practice. It will really add flavor to your playing. How did the tritone ever come into existance? Who ever decided that the tritone goes well with music? If you were the first person to ever hear the tritone in music, I'm pretty sure it would sound very weird, but some how, someone decided to incorporate it into music. What a genius. For more information on tritones, I recommend Mr. Jamal Hartwell. Check out this link.